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FS: M&K VF-80 High Pass Passive Filter

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Item Condition: Great,
Shipping Options: Shipping is included in price.
Suburb or Town: Brisbane North
State: QLD
Payment Method: Paypal as a friend
Reason for selling: NLR - went active crossover

Further information:


This little device is a "passive inline crossover - highpass". It uses passive devices (capacitors and resistors) and sits inline with your RCA connectors. It takes a full bandwidth RCA signal and removes the low frequencies. Being a device made by M&K, who are synonymous with home theatre, it has the crossover point at around 80hz (THX standard).  There are 3 channels so you can remove left, right and center if you need.


I was actually using it in a 2.1 system where I was using a crossover in my subwoofer to cut off high frequencies coming out of the sub' and then used this to cut low frequencies going to my power amp. Most subs will have a filter in them to filter off sound to the sub and some have an additional set of filters to stop low frequency getting to the mains but I've found in practice that these are not terribly good sounding. 

It is actually a really transparent device so unlike some other cheaper passive or even some active filters it won't negatively affect the sound in a high fidelity system.

I've moved to some expensive active crossovers so I don't need this now. 






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