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Recently my Zyx Airy3 is runout of tip and need to retip . I can trade in and exchange for a new cartridge in similar price or higher , mean I may have to pay another $2500-3500 to have a new cartridge . Or I can go for a cheaper option of just retip only . I choose the second option of retip my cartridge and the job has been done by Mr Christ Allman ( allclearaudio@gmail.com ) . 
I get the cartridge back yesterday and I’m very happy with the performance of the cartridge , thanks to Christ and his good works . Both channel working fine with very good details and warm pleasant bass tone . Tip is the MR ( micro ridge) diamond tip which longer than other tip there for will be longer lasting  hours . The airy3 has a boron cantilever and an aluminium sleeve to insert a diamond tip all are glue together made it a nightmare to retip . Christ has modified the cantilever so he can fit a new tip and this will made lots easier in the future to retip the cartridge again . Cost for the whole job is $396.00 including extra modification work , I attached some photos so members can see how the work when finished . Hope that posted will benefit ours members who can’t afford a new cartridge and wish to retip theirs old cartridge . 
Cheers and happy listening. 




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Chris has upgraded 2 cartridges for me.

A Nagaoka and Linn ASAK, both with boron and micro ridge.

He does fabulous work, couldn't be happier.

It's nice that you refer to him as Christ......

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Another very grateful customer here too. I sent Chris a Technics U205CMKIII for a replacement stylus to be fitted as the suspension had collapsed. Chris had already told me that working on the original boron cantilever is a near impossible task and a right royal PITA.

Anyway Chris sorted out a new Black Diamond stylus but amazingly had a go at repairing the original and fixed it! 

I think he called me a lucky bugger or words similar. The cost for the fix and new Black Diamond stylus was beyond reasonable.

   Everything arrived today packaged beautifully( I sent it up in a mints tin) Chris was surprised it survived......

  I also had a P77 retipped recently and it sounds fantastic.... No bloody amazing!!

  I've said before we are lucky to have Chris around..... 

Cheers Ian.


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6 minutes ago, Gandra said:

Unfortunately, I sent Chris and email (the one provided by palexsia above and have not received a reply for about a week now. Still waiting...

Gandra, send Palexia a DM and ask him for Chris's phone number.

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