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Item Condition: Very good used condition
Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Shipping is available at agreed cost.
Suburb or Town: Black Rock
State: VIC
Payment Method: Cash, PayPal +3%
Reason for selling: NLR + need funds for an major upgrade

Further information:

Richter Mystique

If I didn’t need the funds for a higher-end pre-amp, my son would be all over this for his hand me down system.  But sadly, it needs to move on.

This is a moderately powered, well built and attractive but very sweet tube amp; designed they say by Richter here in Australia and manufactured in China, as best I can tell by Dared who themselves have a respectable suite of products.

I was listening to it recently to check how it sounds and it acquits itself very well indeed.  And that was on the likes of my big old B&W 803Ns.  These have 90dB sensitivity so they are not absolute tractors to drive – but everything I have heard says they love a lot of juice.  Well, maybe what they say about valve watts has something to it as the combo sounded very fine.

It comes with a 24/96kHz Dared DAC, which is not the most modern anymore, however, quite adequate and it does a fine job and is good enough for most hi-res music, including Tidal MQA (which I specifically checked).

Some blurbs:

– Best Buys Audio & AV Issue 1, 2013 reckoned that:  “Beautiful, warm valve sound plus stunning looks make Richter’s first amplifier a pleasure to own.  The makers of Australia’s most awarded and much loved speaker systems have extended their philosophy of musicality and affordability to develop the Mystique, which features both conventional inputs plus a USB port for your computer and a minijack input for your portable devices.  The USB input harnesses the Mystique’s superior digital-to analogue (DAC) conversion which flawlessly translates your files into warm, articulate valve sound….”

Richter states it has:

·  Solid single-piece casing

• High-current low-noise ring-type power transformers

• Independent filter circuits for left and right channels

• Czech-made vacuum tubes for the first stage output made by JJ electronics

• PSVANE 6l6G power tubes

• Highest quality components including Vishay HQ-grade resistors, Nichicon capacitors and an Alps volume control

• All circuit boards, input and speaker terminals are gold electro-plated

• Shipped with metal mesh/perspex valve cover


·       Max power output 30W x 2

·       Frequency response 20–20kHz (± 1dB)

·       Distortion <1%

·       Signal to noise ratio <86dB

·       Input sensitivity 225mV

·       Input impedance 80kohm

·       Output impedance 4 Ohm / 8 Ohm

·       Headphone output 6.35mm

·       Dimensions 380mm (W) x 300mm (D) x 160mm (H)

·       Weight 13 Kgs

·       Tubes vacuum 6L6G x 4; ECC835 x 2; 12AU7 x 2

No original box so would very much prefer pickup.  But I suppose I could possibly have my arm twisted and pack it up for sending for someone very keen, kind and nice!





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I had one of these with some Richter Dragons, it worked very well, sounded great. That’s a very good price for a very nice tube integrated amp. GLWTS. 

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I had a great audition session of this little gem a few year back. This is a realky good one and I cannot believe the price it is on offer at. I would gladly buy it if I did not have too many amps already.

Grab it!

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Posted (edited)

Thanks mate, as the man said:-

"Got to move these

Refrigerators ....

Gotta move these color TVs" ...

It would not be going anywhere (except maybe to my son) if I didn't have to fund what to me is an expensive purchase; Cheers, A


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This is a fantastic introduction to the world of valves at a silly price!! The prospective purchaser will not be disappointed! GLWTS

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