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Fro's System Upgrades

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A few audio tweaks this weekend.


Upgraded my main dedicated power line with a new 30amp circuit breaker.


Cleaned all contacts and added Silver Conductive Grease to contacts.


Gigafoil filter and custom silver ethernet cable to the EMM Labs NS1.
Powering Gigafoil with my Uptone JS-2 Linear Power Supply.


Added upgraded Morrow REL subwoofer cable and Purist Audio Design DOMINUS power cord to REL 212SE subwoofer.


Installed AddPower Sorcer 2 to adjacent power conditioner outlet, added upgraded Audioquest Hurricane HC power cord.








Silver CAT8-EthernetCable.jpg


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Update on dialing in my MBL101E speakers.
Instead of using the factory supplied spikes or trying expensive aftermarket footers, I completely remove the entire factory footer assemble (spikes and brass coupling), and place speakers directly to my Symposium Ultra platforms.
I also pulled the speakers out further from front wall to 52" (center tweeter), no toe-in.
Results were firmer bass and great vocal center imaging.
Minor adjustments will also be a lot easier since the Symposium platforms slide easily on the carpet.


Biggest improvement of course was adding the REL 212SE subwoofer!





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Ok, this is kind of fun!
I'm currently selling a couple sets of Transparent Reference MM2 and XL speaker cables I acquired recently.
While I await for a lucky buyer to come along, I decided to swap out my Audioquest Thunderbird cables for these 2 sets.
My MBL 101E speakers require 2 sets of cables biwired, to power the Tweeter/Midrange and the Bass.
Perfectly happy with the performance I am getting from the AQ Thunderbird cables.
Then I swapped them out for these monsters.
Holy Crap!!
Wasn't expecting much improvement, but these 2 sets used in a biwire configuration is the best my system has ever sounded!
Incredible imaging of not just the vocals, but all the instruments too.
Pity, because I have too much invested in these cables to keep them long term.
But man what music!!



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The tweaking and dialing in of the MBL101E speakers and System continues.....


-  Added some Evolution Acoustics Triple Run speaker cables, in place of the Transparent Audio Reference XL (for sale).

- Installed Marigo Audio Mystery Feet between the speakers and the Symposium Reference platforms for the MBL's and the REL subwoofer.

- Pulled the speakers further into the room which opened up the amazing imaging even more!

- Installed an Audioquest Dragon power cord to the EMM Labs DV2 DA/Preamp

- Added a Shunyata Everest power conditioner powered by a Shunyata Omerga XC power cord







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My A/V  Room is in the top left of our house (see photo).

I have lugged many extremely heavy speakers and amps to that 3rd floor room over the years.

It does help to have an elevator from the garage to the 3rd floor for those tasks!

Just got our exterior repainted this week.

Best money I have spent in a while - investing in our home.



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With the some of the newest tweaks involving ground wires, I thought I would share how I am utilizing the GP-NR system on my Shunyata Everest power conditioner.
8 gauge cooper leads from the Everest CGS terminals to all my components, including the Jeff Rowland 925 amps - EMM Labs DV2 - Aurender N30SA - EtherRegen - Dark Matter LPS and Emperor Clock.
Both chassis and input grounding leads are being implemented.
System never sounded better with spooky imaging and extremely quiet background!



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Posted (edited)

2023 Audio Updates -


  • Stealth USB-T Select cable
  • Network Acoustics Ethernet Filter
  • Paul Pang Quad Switch/Reclocker
  • Shunyata Omega QRs power cord to EMM Labs DV2 da/preamp
  • Ansuz DTC2 interconnects + Power Box
  • Everest power conditioner + AddPower Sorcer 2
  • Aurender N30SA music server/streamer






StealthUSB2 copy.jpg



















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I just got in (2) Stealth Dream 20-20 power cables to power my Rowland 925 mono amps.
Incredibly fast and dynamic, with that famous Stealth imaging.

Also upgraded my USB cable to the Stealth Select-T, and the interconnects to the Stealth Indra V10

***Disclaimer - I am now a Stealth dealer!




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Looking at all those rj45 free slots perhaps as a final touch install these from AQ. As for the spare rca and xlr try telos caps. Did try the AQ ones but telos are arguably better in construction and sound. 


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