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WTB: Ortofon 2M Bronze, Nagaoka MP-200/150, Denon DL-110

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Item: Ortofon 2M Bronze, Nagaoka MP-200 or 150, Denon DL-110 
Price Range: <400 
Item Condition: New or Used
Extra Info: looking for a few carts to try. Low hours, not interested in a knackered stylus and price dependent on model of course ?


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    • By Andrew Hoyle
      Item Condition: Excellent - presents and operates like new Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.,Shipping is available at agreed cost. Suburb or Town: Golden Grove, Adelaide State: SA Payment Method: Cash on pickup, EFT, Paypal in that order of preference Reason for selling: Completed refurbishment-too many turntables Hi Everyone,
      As a committed lover of all things analogue and vinyl and now that I'm semi-retired, I can use some of my spare time to refurbish old turntables and transform them back to their former glory. It's a really enjoyable hobby. This one is a good example of that. You are looking at a Denon DP57L turntable fitted with a recently refurbished Ortofon MC20 moving coil. The work on the cartridge was done by Audio Dynamics in Melbourne - they own the old Garrott Brothers franchise and their work really transforms standard cartridges and takes them up to another level. In this case the cartridge was fitted with a new cantilever and the Garrott micro-scanner stylus tip. The cartridge has done 20 hours tops since the work was done - the Audio Dynamics receipt will be provided to the buyer. I use one of these refurbished MC20s on my reference turntable and I can vouch for how wonderful they sound. 
      When I bought it, the turntable itself was in reasonably good condition but needed some work to transform it back to factory spec.
      So I have:
      inspected the circuit boards  - which show no sign of deterioration, capacitor leakage, cracking or dry joints. As confirmed by the operation of the turntable which runs perfectly at both speeds. All the lights work and the auto arm lift and shut off functions perfectly too. I read somewhere that the auto stop usually stops working on these  - but not in this case. Although this function is frowned on by turntable purists, it operates optically on these models I believe and I have to say that it's a great feature to have.  installed and painstakingly aligned the Ortofon MC20 cartridge. To do this I sourced a turntable cartridge alignment protractor specifically for this turntable. This will also be included as part of the sale. sourced an additional and heavier original Denon tone arm counter-weight. The turntable was supplied with a single low mass Denon tone arm weight that was not heavy enough for the Ortofon. So there is plenty of flexibility in the future if you want to experiment with other cartridges. In fact both weights can be used in tandem if necessary  - for really heavy cartridges. replaced the dodgy feet that had been fitted to the turntable with the original Denon items  - sourced from Japan polished the turntable plinth and the lid. The lid was quite scratched before - but it's just about pristine now as can be seen from the picture. Although it's detached at present, the hinges are all there and so it can be used if the new owner wishes. Personally I prefer to just sit the lid on the turntable so that it can be easily removed when I'm playing music. bought a step down transformer  - the turntable is a Japanese import and only runs on 110V, so a step down transformer is needed. This will also be included in the sale.  
      The sound? These decks do a great job and I have to say that this one gives my reference turntable (a Michell Orbe) a run for it's money. It sounds wide, open and spacious with controlled clear treble and firm tight bass. Vocals have a wonderful presence about them. I'll be sorry to see this go - but it's one of four turntables I currently own - so it deserves prime position in someone else's system.
      Any negatives? There are two small marks on the plinth, one at the bottom of the left hand side towards the front (see one of the pics) and the other on the bottom edge at the RHS almost too small to see. I thought about trying to fix these - but they are so small I thought the cost/time of trying to fix them wasn't worth the risk of making them worse. They are barely noticeable. I should also add that the record clamp shown in the pictures is not included in the sale.
      Given the age of the unit, I can't offer any warranty, but prospective Adelaide based buyers are welcome to arrange a time to come and audition it before buying. (No time wasters please). For interstate buyers, I'm happy to ship - but it will be at your cost including the packing. I will take no responsibility for goods damaged or lost in transit - but will make sure that the shipping quote includes replacement insurance.
      There is some negotiation as to the price and what exactly gets sold with the turntable. For example I would be prepared to sell it without the cartridge, or the step down transformer or the alignment protractor - with a consequent reduction in the price. But please don't insult me with low ball offers. These turntables are highly regarded and sought after, and you would be hard pressed to find one anywhere in as good cosmetic and operational condition as this.  If I can't achieve something close to the asking price I will simply hang onto it. I enjoy just looking at it!
      Any questions or queries welcomed.....
      Further information:
      If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved You understand that a reasonable donation for selling fees is expected upon successful sale of your item
      - if you have previously sold items and not made a donation, your advertisement may not be approved.

    • By 08Boss302
      G'day all,
      Another cartridge thread, I have done some reading through the Sna search function but thought i'd throw the question out the masses also.
      I’ve just decided in the next few weeks or so I’d like to explore a new cart for my main TT.  It’s currently running a Garrott Brothers FGS Optim, I really enjoy this cart and will keep it but would like to explore more as I have only ever had this cart on this table and curiosity is building.  The table is a Music Hall 9.1 with the carbon 9cc tonearm – effective tonearm mass 8.5grm
      My 2nd TT (Technics SL1200mkII) has a removable head shell so I am lucky to use that switch a few carts around like the DL110, the Goldring 1042, the Ortofon 2m Blue, Garrott Brothers P77i and the Nagaoka MP110 which are all also very decent IMO.
      Of those I really like the DL110 and the Goldring 1042 BUT neither cart are a good match for the 9cc Tonearm so with that said after reading many reviews this past week and doing some YouTube diving I am looking at in no order:-
      ·         Hana EH (maybe SH if I can obtain at right price)
      ·         Ortofon 2m Black
      ·         Goldring 2300 or 2400
      ·         Sumiko blue point special EVO III HO
      All run with a few hundred dollars of each other and I know they are all different stylus but seem to all fair well with the majority of users (the 2m black maybe the exception).  Importantly they all match my tonearm when looking at the resonance calculator.   I have never heard a 2m Black, I have the 2m Blue but the black is quite a step up and seems very maligned between the lovers and haters.  The Hana seems largely enjoyed as does the Sumiko and Goldring. I’ve done a bit of researching on similar carts to the DL110 and GR1042 and some of the 2000 series from Goldring seem the nod in that regard.
      Wondering if anyone has any impressions, opinion or experience with any of these that would be happy to share.  With regard to sound, strong bass and as long as its not overly high ended and bright and isn't veiled I am happy.
      Even better if you have experience with the same tone arm which I think many project tables also have and what cart has worked well for you.
      Of course If there is something else in the price point or lower that I have overlooked and is well regarded I am happy for a suggestion to research also.
      Carts are just so hard to audition and ultimately I am just trying to avoid spending and not being happy….I’m sure we all know that feeling!
      Many thanks,
    • By JCW84
      Item Condition: 10/10 Shipping Options: Shipping is included in price. Suburb or Town: Melbourne State: VIC Payment Method: Paypal or EFT Reason for selling: Upgrading Further information:
      Selling my Ortofon Concorde DJ MKII from my collection of cartridges to fund an upgrade in my analogue rig. This cart has less than 5 hours of playtime (at home - not DJ'ing) and is in perfect condition with original stylus guard.
      I no longer have the box however, will ensure robust packaging for safe transit by Express Post.
      Purchased new from StoreDJ (RRP $189)
      Some helpful specs:
      Output voltage at 1000Hz, 5cm/sec. - 6 mV Channel balance at 1kHz - 1 dB Channel separation at 1kHz - 22 dB Channel separation at 15 kHz - 15 dB Frequency range at -3dB - 20-20.000 Hz Tracking ability at 315 Hz at recommended tracking force - 100 μm Compliance, dynamic lateral - 14 μm/m N Stylus type - Spherical R 18 μm Tracking force range - 3 - 5 g Tracking force recommended - 4 g Cartridge weight - 18,5 g Replacement stylus unit - DJ  

    • By JCW84
      Item Condition: 10/10 Shipping Options: Shipping is included in price. Suburb or Town: Melbourne State: VIC Payment Method: EFT, PayPal Reason for selling: Upgrading Further information:
      Selling my limited edition 56 of 1000 Ortofon Century Concorde (HiFi) MM cartridge. This MM delight pairs up perfectly with S-Shaped tonearms with a universal/SME connector and is a lot of fun to listen to.
      Less than 20 hours playtime - this was not used as an everyday cartridge and has been well looked after.
      Purchased new from Klapp Audio in Dec 2020 (RRP $1286) - this cartridge is now unavailable from the Australian Distributor as it is a LE. However, a replacement stylus can easily be ordered.
      Will be sent via Express Post
      Note: this cartridge is not  suitable for DJ use as it has a nude fine line stylus profile.
      Output voltage at 1000 Hz, 5cm/sec.  -  5.5 mV Channel balance at 1 kHz  -  1 dB Channel separation at 1 kHz  -  26 dB Channel separation at 15 kHz  -  15 dB Frequency response  -  20-20.000 + 2 / - 0 dB Tracking ability at 315Hz at recommended tracking force  -  70 µm Compliance, dynamic, lateral  -  16 µm/mN Stylus type  -  Nude Fine Line Stylus tip radius  -   r/R 8/40 µm Tracking force range  -  1.6-2.0g (16-20 mN) Tracking force, recommended  -  1.8 g (18 mN) Tracking angle  -  20° Internal impedance, DC resistance  -  1,2 kOhm Internal inductance  -  630 mH Recommended load resistance  - 47 kOhm Recommended load capacitance  -  150-300 pF Cartridge colour, body/stylus  - Chrome Cartridge weight  -   18.5 g

    • By Toby1991
      Item Condition: Near new, unit purchased new in August 2020. Shipping Options: Pickup available but audition is not available.,Pickup available and you can audition. Suburb or Town: Chelsea State: VIC Payment Method: Paypal, Cash on pickup. Reason for selling: Freeing capital. Today, we have for sale an immaculate Pro-Ject The Classic turntable in the Eucalyptus finish, with an Ortofon 2M Black installed.   
       Unit is working perfectly and sounds incredible, I'm just looking to simplify my system and free up a bit of capital, rather than having the vinyl section of my system be underutilised, as the rest of my system is not at all up to this turntable's spec. Purchased new in August 2020, still under warranty. I also have a Pro-Ject Phono Box DS2 for sale, that I'd be willing to look bundle pricing with.  

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