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Munich’s High End - May 2022

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Time to make your move.


Subsidised accommodation(via a State or Federal Gov grant to encourage post covid tourism initiatives) for the mandatory 2 weeks quarantine for all Munich exhibitors.

You contact the AMU to get them to organise a covid free ship from Rotterdam (crewed by their picks of course) to bring all the high end gear in early and stored and cleansed.

Via another subsidy you get  the show put on in the CBD or close by(Crown? Dan will wear the bill or James P. will just so he can show he can run a casino properly). International media descend in droves after their quarantine. You've discussed and won agreement on suitable compensation for your expertise in running these things via your company.

Happy days! Ditch the Merc and get a real car now with the loot. (discuss)

Every no show at your last shows are now in a position where they'll have to show up and exhibit in the face of international competition.(don't miss them...)


It'll be YUGE.


My fee will be minimal?


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9 hours ago, Marc said:

'Tis a great idea Luc. But that's all it is. ?

I don't envy you Marc. It is high risk planing a short holiday between States let alone planing a HIFI Show months in advance..An outbreak like in Adelaide this week is too unpredictable. ?


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4 minutes ago, Hydrology said:


Definitely going next year (and SNA if they dont clash!)


No chance of clashing with Munich. I wouldn't do that.

Maybe we can get more SNers to come on a trip next year. That would be fun.

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