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The Ellington Jazz Club

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Last evening. Mrs Wolster and I had a great evening at the Ellington Jazz Club in Beaufort Street, Perth.

Yummy pizza and red wine at a front row table watching the Ali Bodycoat Quintet who were fantastic. Music lovers will be pleased to hear that the manager tells patrons that the main area is to listen to and enjoy the music. If people just want to chat they are welcome to move upstairs to the second bar.

This is not my first visit but the evening made us resolve to go there more regularly in the future.

It is a terrific venue. Loads of atmosphere, great staff and a good menu of light food, beer and wine. The main attraction of course is the music. There is always a good lineup of local and international stars. Earlier this week they had Norma Winstone from the U.K. and tonight it is Elexir with Katie Noonan.

I am sure other members in Perth have been to the Ellington but wanted to encourage those who haven't yet been to go to this club that has done so much to support local musicians, as well as attract great acts to Perth.

It deserves our support.



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..Nothing like a great night out at the local Jazz Club.. Bit of food, bit of beer, bit more beer, some nice Margaret River Red, some more nice red, and enjoying great music and company all the way. Top outing. We have The Basement over here which I'm sure heaps of members have been to. Lee Ritenour played at The Basement last time I went. It was some of THE BEST playing I have ever heard.

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Went to Vince Jones gig last night at the Ellington. He's an entertainer and i enjoyed his show but i wished he had included a few more of his earlier songs.

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