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FOUND: WTB: Used amplifier with MM phono stage, Perth (WA)


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Item: Used integrated amp (or receiver) with phono pre (MM), working condition
Price Range: Roughly around the 100 AUD mark
Item Condition: Used
Extra Info:


I'm putting together a starter system for a friend's kid. He's about 12, and I was taken at how fascinated he was looking at a record spin while at home the other day. His parents want to gift him a turntable system, but have no idea about hi-fi. I've found an old Sony record player to which I added a new entry level cart, works fine, and I already got a pair of decent sounding book-shelf speakers. I'm basically looking for that old amp-in-the-shed or the haven't-used-it-in-ages but can't be fussed to put on Facebook or Gumtree. The thing is, it needs an MM phono input so that he can muck about with the record player.


If you have something that's been lying around and can let it go for about 100 AUD, I'd be more than happy to take it off your hands. A few pictures would be nice, if possible.





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