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Yamaha PC2602-M Power Amplifier

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Hello all.

I recently acquired a beastly Yamaha PC2602-M Power Amplifier.

I am yet to do any service work or modifications to it, however when I first got it, I did remove the top and bottom panels and got rid of a bit of dust and so on, and removed the filter on the cooling fan.

Today was the first time I was able to hook it up and have a listen. No issues. Sounds great and I look forward to some more of it. 

One issue that has become obvious is the power output level displays are not working whatsoever.

I have schematics and so on, but before I pull it apart for diagnosis and repair, I thought I'd ask if anyone was familiar with these amps at all, and more specifically if they had experienced the same problem.



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It's likely that there is a minor issue on the meter drive board / meter drive area, I haven't worked on the 2602 but have worked on Yamahas with similar meters (M-45, M-60, M-80) and often there's a few bad solder joints. I'd start by carefully inspecting and resoldering any bad joints on the meter drive board.

You'll likely also have some "grain of wheat" type bulbs blown, 12VAC usually.

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