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Hello from Melbourne in Lockdown


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Long time lurker - first time poster.


Just thought I've already learned so much from this forum and it's time for me to have the decency to say hi


A long time lover of hi-fi equipment and a lover of a wide variety of music, but a more recent cancellation of an overseas trip has freed up some budget to invest in my current setup:

  • NAD C658 pre-amp and BluOS streamer
  • NAD C568 CD player (being used as a transport)
  • 2 * PS Audio M700 mono amplifiers
  • PS Audio P3 power regenerator
  • PS Audio Stellar Phono stage
  • Rega P6 turntable with 2M bronze - new cart to coming soon!
  • Amphion Argon 7LS speakers
  • Atlas Hyper 3.0 cabling (almost throughout)


Thoroughly enjoying my setup and looking forward to sharing experiences and helping out where I can.

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Forgot such an important component - cabling!
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