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DIY Speaker Cables. Can't find quartz crystals


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I'm looking to transform my basic Van Den Hul 352 speaker cables to something more high end.

I've noticed a lot of higher end cables use a mixture of white, black and rose quartz crystals.

I'm considering running tubing along the 7mm middle of the VDH cable and filling it with crystals, but I simply can't find anything small enough that would fit.

Wondering if anyone has experience with adding crystals to their DIY speaker cables.

Also, I can't seem to find any wire splitters, like the metal thing you see on the thick speaker cables.


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10 minutes ago, Decky said:

Just do not forget to do a tarot reading before you install the magic quartz sand. 

Yep, I think that Decky is onto something important here.


When I experimented with adding crystals, I found that amethyst crystals in a small cotton bag (must be cotton) tied with a gold thread, when held over the cable and made to spin in clockwise circles would dramatically improve the sound.

Must be clockwise - anti clockwise circles will degrade the sound.


It seemed that there would be no end to the  sound improvement.  It kept going until it reached the point where it would rival a system where one would expect to have to spend $200,000 and then......I woke up.  


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