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Richter Speakers Identification

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Gday Guys,


I found these on an FB sale down the road from me, I was wondering if anyone knows what they are? They look like what someone else called Oracles in the thread below. If anyone could provide Specs on them since there isn't much info on the back of the speakers and the Richter badge isn't on the front



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On 22/08/2020 at 5:00 PM, blakey72 said:

Did you buy them? They are a good speaker.


Yeh I took a punt on this pic with no other information supplied, offered 50$ I like receivers with numbers I can select which they don't do any more plus the speaker cable looked like real copper :P  then I saw they were Richters :D   Onkyo AMP, CD Player and Tape Deck all works perfectly after I pulled out 2 RCA pins stuck in the CD player which wasn't easy cuz they weren't plastic centered so couldn't use a hot pin.  The system has decent imaging I rekon, rather detailed tweeters on those speakers too :)


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