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SOLD: 4 Foot Blue Jeans BJC10 Speaker Cable - Ultrasonic Welding

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Item Condition: Brand New Never Used
Shipping Options: Shipping is included in price.
Suburb or Town: Doreen
State: Victoria
Payment Method: EFT or Paypal Friends
Reason for selling: Intented use changed

I ordered these end of June. 

They arrived mid July, I bought these to use with my Beresford TC7220 which allows me to split between x2 amps but I ended up not changing the cabling on my AVR and hence these have not even been connected.  My intention was to run these BJC10 cables everywhere in my HT set up (fronts/rears/atmos/centre) but financially this isn't going to happen so to keep things uniformed I'll leave my HT set up as it is and  I'll move these on to someone who will use and enjoy them.  The 10ft pair is for sale also in another post.  I kept an 8foot pair for my Integrated Amp.

These are 4 foot each, so prob best for desktop set up or something like I guess?.....either way brilliant cable and quality neat build.  Plenty of glowing reviews online....

Happy to show original purchase confirmation but not sure if its allowed in sale thread so if you want that just PM me.....In any case  save a bundle on postage from the USA and I am simply looking for close to what I paid but I am including postage with that


Any questions please ask...






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hey mate, nah, these were bought to run from the amp into the beresford switch thingy I have then another longer cable back out of that to the speaker (10 foot cable in this instance) but I am not going that route now.


I dont have a desktop set up or bedroom setup where these could be used so I thought i'd move these on.  Maybe someone with a good desktop or smaller setup can make use of them....

These and the 10 footers I never connected when changed things around and Icant really afford to buy this cable in the runs required to run to atmos, rears and also centre channel right now - besides, the postage from the US is just stoopid and the AUD aint great either...


I kept the 8 footers I bought at the same time, awesome cables, I am really pleased with them and now instead of using the beresford switch I just swap the cable in and out when I am listening to 2ch or decide to watch a movie.  We only watch movies maybe once a week so its not big inconveniance...


I decided best not to keep good cables in a draw for "maybe one day" so thought I'd move them both (the 10foot and 4foot)



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