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SOLD: 10foot Blue Jeans BJC10 White - PAIR Speaker Cable - Ultrasonically Welded

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Item Condition: Brand new - Never Used
Shipping Options: Shipping is included in price.
Suburb or Town: Doreen
State: Victoria
Payment Method: Paypal Friends or EFT
Reason for selling: Bought 2 sets, 2nd set not required

I ordered these end of June.  They arrived mid July, I bought 2 sets, x1 set for my my AVR and HT duties and one for my Integrated Amp, but I ended up not using them with my AVR and hence these have not even been connected.  My intention was to run them everywhere (fronts/rears/atmos/centre) but financially this isn't going to happen so to keep things uniformed I'll leave my HT set up as it is and  I'll move these on to someone who will use and enjoy them.  Plenty of glowing reviews online...


I kept the other set for my integrated amp and they're fantastic.  I chose ultrasonically welded locking banana plugs on all of them, very neat well made cable.  All are 10AWG.


Happy to show original purchase confirmation but not sure if its allowed in sale thread so if you want that just PM me.....In any case  save a bundle on postage from the USA and I am simply looking for close to what I paid but I am including postage with that


Any questions please ask...







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