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Source:                Logitech Transporter streaming from files or Tidal

Preamps:             Logitech Transporter

   Carver C1


Tuner:                  Carver TX-11A


CDP:                     Carver DTL-100


Processors:         Behringer DEQ-2496 digital EQ

                              Behringer DCX-2496 digital crossover


Amps (3):            Bob Carver Signature TFM-25's


Speakers:            Homebuilt ESL


Subs (2):              Homebuilt Ripole


Rack:                    Homebuilt red oak


The system is built around state-of-the-art homebuilt wire-stator electrostatic speakers, employing stepped-frequency/stepped-phased-array wire stators which function as a line source projecting a cylindrical wave front.  Dispersion is wider and smoother trending than a curved-panel ESL.


The speakers’ triangular base sides form semi-H open baffles for the 12” Peerless SLS woofers.  The speaker frames, baffles, and stator lattices are solid red oak (no veneer). 

Front & rear grills attach magnetically.  These speakers are the culmination of 13 years of iterations, and they are the finest speakers I’ve ever built.   


The subs are homebuilt Ripoles with opposing 12” Peerless SLS woofers in a push-push configuration.  


The system is a 3-way with crossovers at 80Hz & 265Hz using 24db/oct slope LR filters.


When streaming music, the Logitech Transporter is the preamp (the analog Carver C1 is bypassed), which allows having a single D/A conversion in the signal path (at crossover’s outputs to amps).      



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Wow super neat work!  I'm guessing you made the equipment rack as well.  No issues with heat/ventilation on the stacked gear though?

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23 minutes ago, 2Brix said:

Wow super neat work!  I'm guessing you made the equipment rack as well.  No issues with heat/ventilation on the stacked gear though?

Thank you! 

Yes, I did build the rack as well.   The [class G] Carver amps run surprisingly cool-- I have some spacer blocks between them, and the shelf above is slatted for air flow.   The two Behringer signal processors generate a fair amount of heat (they get hotter than the amps)… so I may need to do something about that. 

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