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Fyne Audio F302 Floorstanding Speaker Review

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Hi Everyone, hope all of you have had great week, so recently about more than a month ago I changed out my front speakers to a speaker brand that is new to me, but not new in the sense of engineering, the ex Tannoy employees started Fyne Audio back in 2017 and have created a range of speakers since that have been receiving excellent recognition and some awards, the speakers that I'm reviewing are the F302 Floorstanding Speakers which come in at $1095 (RRP) a pair.




The F302's are part Fyne's F300 range and is the smallest floorstanding speaker in the range, it features a 2 way design with a single 6" multi-fibre mid/bass woofer which has a phase plug and a 1" polyester dome tweeter which has been crossed over at 3.2Khz from the woofer in a 2nd order low pass, 3rd order high pass, all these components are put together in a rear ported enclosure with magnetically mounted grilles and single set binding posts, these speakers are not Bi-ampable, for that you will need to go the model up which is the F303. The F302's have a claimed sensitivity rating of 90db with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms and power handling of 30-120 watts RMS, the speakers have a frequency response rating of 36Hz-28KHz, however this at -6db 'typical in room response' and not the usual -3db. The F302's measure (with the included plinth) 932 x 233 x 308mm (HxWxD) and weigh about 13.3kg each and come three finishes; Walnut, Black Ash and Light Oak.




Now I used two amplifiers for my tests, I used my Yamaha RX-V2085 (RX-A2080 equivalent) and a borrowed Rotel RA-1572, both amps had there tone control set to flat, as for sources I was mainly either doing streaming through spotify or using my Marantz CD5005. The F302's were placed about 2m apart in the front of my room which is about 3.5mx3.2m with a height of 2.8m, I wished I could have placed the speakers further apart, but on one side I have a door in the way and on the other side I have a big cabinet in the way. 




I let the F302's break in for week before making my observations about the sound quality and I have been playing a whole wide range of genres with the F302's from rock to jazz to pop, country, classical and so much more and found that I was enjoying every moment of listening to the F302's. Starting off the bass, the bass is going to be tight and quick, it's not the deepest bass which means that if you want a bit more extended bass then you will need to add a subwoofer, but by itself the bass is clean and it doesn't obstruct the other areas in the audio spectrum which can otherwise sound a bit muffled, now as for the mid-range it sounds slightly more on the forward side, but at the same time there is a little bit of warmth to the mid-range which helps bring a balance to where the F302's can sound a quite bit relaxed, for example when it comes to vocals, it sounds clear and expressive, but it doesn't sound over the top where it would sound light, shouty or sibilant. As for treble, Fyne has done a great job with seamlessly blending in the woofer to the tweeter which in turn helps to not make the tweeter stand out in front of everything which can take away from the music listening, the treble in this case sounds very cohesive with extending from the woofer where there is clarity and good refinement where instruments like high-hats for example sound more like an actual instrument with extension instead of a hiss and on top of this while the treble was detailed, it wasn't too bright and it wasn't harsh. The soundstage on the F302's is a lot wider than the speakers look with very good depth which makes the F302's sound very spacious, overall the F302's are very musical sounding speakers.




Polk Signature S50 (RRP: $1099): this is the only comparison I can make for the moment until I update this review with more comparisons. With a similar price point to the F302's the S50's offer dual 5.25" woofers as an oppose to Fyne's single 6" woofer on the F302's, now in terms of sound the F302's are better at music than the S50's, the S50's do good for music as well, it has more bass, but it is on the louder more exciting side in terms of sound which I feel makes the S50's a bit more better for movies, whereas the F302's are more relaxed and refined for a more musical listening experience.




Fyne Audio's F302 speakers are a great pair of speakers that do a lot of things that I wished a lot of other speaker manufacturers would do for the same money and I would recommend the F302's for anyone looking for a well designed pair of speakers that play very well in the music department on a budget for small to mid sized rooms, if you have a much larger room then you can't go wrong with the model up which is the F303's which is based on the F302's but the F303's has an extra woofer.









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Very good looking speakers at this price point. With the rear port, did you find them sensitive at all when placed close to a wall? Which store in Perth did you get them from?

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25 minutes ago, spottie said:

Very good looking speakers at this price point. With the rear port, did you find them sensitive at all when placed close to a wall? Which store in Perth did you get them from?

With the rear port, I had mine pretty close to the wall without affecting the sound very much, so these are not very sensitive with that rear port, unless you're going for the bigger F303's in that case you will notice the rear port is more sensitive to walls. I purchased the F302's from West Coast hifi in midland. 

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