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Good Evening Everyone


I managed to pickup a freebie TC-WE605S in good shape but in dire need of some new belts. 


Could someone please advise what belts specifically this machine takes and where I can buy them locally in Australia. I'm happy to buy from abroad but I'm not having much luck with sellers due to COVID.


Also, does anyone know a reasonably priced servicer in Sydney?





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This place: https://www.turntableneedles.com/

I ordered some belts for a cassette deck and although it did take a long time to get here the shipping was very cheap and they had no problem sending it to Australia. 


As for what to actually get I think you'll just have to google it until you get information that seems reliable e.g. this ebay listing has 4 belts claiming to be for your model:



Conveniently, the listing gives the sizes of the belts:
2 x GES2.9
2 x FR8.2 -> that's from the PRB line (8.2 inches long and 0.16 inches wide)


But as to what those denotations actually mean ... it's from some OEM and you'll need to figure that out. The FR8.2 is from the PRB line, the other one I don't recognise. I assume it means a 2.9 inch belt but not sure on the width. 


Also I think ebay can be your friend. Of course it's a roll of the dice as to what you get but there are plenty of sellers on there who specialise in this kind of thing and it's in their interests to have happy customers. I bought a PRB line idler tire from ebay recently and it was perfect. 

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