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More than happy for you to try your phones in a few restored Sansui's and  a Marantz 2240.


regards Bruce


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On 23/07/2020 at 11:07 PM, Mightygrey said:

My NAD 3020e sounds great with Sennheiser HD600s. 

My NAD 7020e receiver, essentially a late-'80s 3020e amp with a built-in tuner, also sounds great with headphones, at least to me. The phono stage on these is well-known to be excellent; it's less well-known that they deliver on headphones as well.


They will appeal a lot more to someone who likes the distinctive NAD sound – warm, mellow, rich and so on, with a nice soundstage but less emphasis on hearing every detail. If that's you, then the skin on your ears will give out from wearing headphones before your eardrums tire of the 3020/7020 sound.

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