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Looking for true wireless headphones that sound 'good' ?

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These Noble Falcon True Wireless Earbuds so far are actually very good. I was shocked how good the sound quality was for a BT unit. Here's a few pics and I'll do a mini review in the relavent section once I have a long decent listed. Purchase price $210.




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Wow after 15-20 hours these are sounding even better. Mids are very very good and bass has tightened up. They aren't what a basehead would want but it is more than enough. I'd say they are as good as a good pair of wired iem's.



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17 hours ago, digitalhome said:

Much prefer the new Sennheiser Momentum  2 Wireless.

Yeah I tried and liked them. I thought they were a little darker though and 2.5x the price.

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Have the original Sennheiser momentum wireless and absolutely love them. Will need to audition at Minidisc when they get stock in July MK2 version to see if any improvements in sound. The first generation could be had now for very reasonable coin and in many respects sounds better than most of the competition. 

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Bought my Samsung Galaxy Buds+ in June this year (the Samsung Au Edu portal) & they've worked well, until briefly today.

My left Bud unexcpectedly played the content I was playing on my (Samsung Android) phone at a very low volume, whilst my right bud seemed to play it fine.

I reset the buds using the app, checked battery levels, checked phone app settings, closed phone apps & re-opened them, tried different phone apps, checked audio balance settings etc. (all good) etc., for several mins testing & it didn't seem to improve.

~Half an hour later after having the buds in thier case for a bit I re-inserted them into my ears, played some content & they both now are working fine - can't explain why the left bud returned to normal volume.

There's various posts in https://us.community.samsung.com/ (& other places on thew web) reporting similar issues - at a glance it seems to happen more often than I'd expect.
Right now mine are both working fine, hopefully this issue never reappears.

Haven't used mine a great deal, generally a couple of hours here & there every few days or so.
Been pretty happy with them, I have to say.

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Interesting thread. I was curious about bt true wireless buds last week and went to investigate a bit. The prime reason was for convenience and after hearing about airpods pro.


I cam away from my research that there was no clear winner. Was also hard to get to the bottom of which ones sound the best. Came away with the senn mom 1 and sony xm3 were probably the best in terms of SQ. Was interesting to note that the sony ones didnt do ldac, whereas their over ear cousins did. With the sony some complaints about them not staying in well or uncomfortable. With the senns, reliability and battery issues. Yeh like a said there wasn't a clear "yeh you should get this"


Senn v2 might be ok for their but their price damn steep at the moment.


Interesting that each one of the posters here have a different model and all seem quite satisfied,


Any updates from owners?

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Also, does anyone have any recommendations on non-mainstream but yet hifi branded wireless earbuds?


mainstream are the Jabra, Sennheiser, Sony, Bose, apple, Samsung, beats etc The popular ones which seem to have a good deal of coverage.


I've found a few non mainstream/hifi branded ones that I'm soon to investigate.


Like Audio Technica, Shure and others I haven't heard about yet.


There's also the phone brands like Oppo, realme which are making these buds too nowadays. 


Booming new industry huh

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