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Looking for thoughts about headphone amp/dac

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I have a "need" to put a headphone amp in my office and am looking for some suggestions and/or thoughts.  Current running Roon on a Nucleus.  Most music  I listen to is from my NAS, with some from Tidal.  I have an unused Bluesound Node 2.


Current headphones are Sennheiser HD800s and Focal Clear.


My thoughts are:

1. Use Node.  Buy amp, maybe Dac Amp such as the HDV 820.  Use the DAC in that.

2. Use DAC in Node, get simpler non-DAC amp.  Maybe Schiit Jotunheim

3. Buy Jotunheim with DAC.  Stream via Macbook/USB to Jot.  Cant use the Blunode for this as it has no USB output.

4. Get some other streamer with USB output (? what??) and go to the Jot.


Ceiling is about $3k. 


Any of this sound foolish/good?  Can anyone advise some other approach.  It is always difficult to get great advice from shops as they will only sell you what they can sell you






edit:  Connection in this room must be WIFI.  no cabling options available.  I have very solid industrial strength Wifi

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Surprisingly I've found these cheap little 8x TDA1387 headphone amp/DAC's to be pretty unbearable for headphones or into an amp for near field listening:




You can do better though for significantly more money.  About $700 will do it  ;)


That said,  this solution will destroy all. :D


DAC: https://www.ebay.com/itm/174119973656

USB interface: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/283589458895

Headphone amp: https://www.ebay.com/itm/142434188439

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I'd just get a JDS Labs Element 2, superb headphone amp with a strong DAC.  I had the original in my office for years and have recently upgraded to the model 2 to get the stronger Dac.   For the money I think it's hard to get a better, more polished combo than the Element 2;



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