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FS: viennna acoustic mozart floorstander + cayim mt12n + nad c521bee + neotech 5001 sc

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Item: Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand Floorstanding Speaker, Cayin mt-12n tube amp, nad c521 bee cd player
Location: Baulkham Hills, NSW, 2153
Price: 2300
Item Condition: 95%
Reason for selling: saving for a scooter


Payment Method: Pickup - Cash
Extra Info: a really nice combo that punches well above its weight.

speaker in immaculate condition, have original cartons, lovely VA sound, high clarity/analytical, very wide soundstage, not particular strong with bass i think, best for femal vocals, jazz,instruments. cdp is standard bbc sound, quite warm sounding, cayin tube amp is very warm very pleasant to listen to. please pm for further details.


edit. the cd player remote lid has a minor crack on the top of the lid


Price is revised to 2300




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21 minutes ago, Ray H said:

This is a screaming bargain ! GLWTS.

x 2 ... this is a absolute screaming bargain. I know times are really tight right now but this asking price is way to cheap.




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