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SOLD: FS: Whatmough P-30 Monitors, Pair, Burnt Cherry (CBR)

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Item: Pair of Whatmough Performance Series P-30 Monitors, Burnt Cherry
Location: Canberra
Price: $500 pair (includes $20 donation to SNA)
Item Condition: Very good (see extra info)
Reason for selling: I’ve regained floor space by purchasing wall mounted speakers. These are no longer needed.
Payment Method: Cash, PayPal. Pick up only.
Extra Info: These speakers were purchased in October 2000 from Encel Stereo in Melbourne and replaced my pair of Whatmough kit speakers. They have served me extremely well – travelling with us to NZ and back – and have reluctantly been replaced with wall-mounted Paradigm units, to save floor space. One speaker has a dint on the side where it fell over onto the TV unit during the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake. They come with original manual and spikes (see pictures).

P-30 Pair together.jpg

P-30 1700 with grille.jpg

P-30 1700 drivers.jpg

P-30 1700 plate and connectors.jpg

P-30 1698 drivers.jpg

P-30 1698 plate and connectors.jpg

P-30 Spikes.jpg

P-30 1698 Dint.jpg

Typhoon Manual Cover.jpg

P-30 Specs.jpg

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