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SOLD: FS: Duntech PCL-15 bookshelf speakers

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Item: Duntech PCL-15 bookshelf speakers
Location: Melbourne
Price: $1150
Item Condition: very good
Reason for selling: too many speakers already
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only

Extra info: ...they're Duntechs!


Free personal delivery around Melbourne
a Info:IMG_1057.thumb.jpg.26ea1a8b26d63bd87fab60f23a8888f3.jpgIMG_1052.thumb.jpg.1073d0d10715069da8e1632d4ee8b90e.jpgIMG_1053.thumb.jpg.f80da94775646b2f0fb6f5fa7ff92b78.jpgIMG_1054.thumb.jpg.3d1d336875f3f3d2d0634e90717861bc.jpgIMG_1055.thumb.jpg.a3a5d2485774a58228df3a661b345448.jpgIMG_1061.thumb.jpg.7ea061e44de574bc5004e8f645905542.jpgIMG_1062.thumb.jpg.1589f1e97443f02365b05e02b099ba47.jpgIMG_1063.thumb.jpg.689f4c22e091ed9bb26211c76bc3cebd.jpgIMG_1068.thumb.jpg.cc3a304d3dbfc6da03435662950d1af5.jpg

Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

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They look very nice. Any idea how they would go with desktop duties ?


Are they like their bigger siblings and need some decent current to drive them ?

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Hi Rob, this is just how I was using them. They do have the Duntech clarity and detail. Also being a sealed box, which does helps that low to midrange definition, they also are easy to match with a ported sub.

I don't feel they are particularly power hungry, if at all. They ran beautifully on a small class A amplifier.

  regards, Phil.

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