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New Prototype Dac

Mr Speedy

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Recently I rang Clay to get a new DAC.

My old Music Fidelity M1 DAC failed.

He told me we was working on a much upgraded Klein DAC that because it was so improved it could be marketed as a new model, but he had to build a prototype first to see if it was everything he was expecting,

He said I could have it....


The Prototype is built into a Klein 111 case, but it truly is a lovely thing!

In comparison, in my memory, the M1 felt harsh and not very clear...

Lovely separation, not harsh in the top end, really happy with it.

i would imagine Clay’s top of the line unit is still much better, and in the 7 day trail, I was tempted to swap for the Top line model, but this one is very nice for the money.

Worth looking out for the new model which I believe has more features than my DAC. 

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On 13/02/2020 at 3:16 PM, Gieseler Audio said:

I am working on some new stuff & Mr Speedy was fortunate that I had a prototype that suited the current case.

The custom cases are a slow process though so still a way off.



Any updates on this, Clay?


Now working from home (like many of us) and looking to set up second system ... 


Hope you are well and safe!


J :)

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Good question.

I do really like the AK4495 (current Klein III chip) & it was the premium chip when released in 2015.

Digikey have over 3000 currently in stock so it is obviously still a pretty popular DAC chip choice.

However I am also considering the AK4493.



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I have a sample case hopefully arriving next week so will post some pics then.


This is the new case I will probably be using - it will be a wider & lower look tho

260mm w 50mm h & 180mm d




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Very soon - sample cases have now shipped FedEx from japan.

When they arrive I just need to fine tune hole & text locations etc  & then put thru a production order.

Should all happen within two weeks hopefully.

It will certainly be nice to have someone else doing the machining side of things for a change.


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Would be interested in comparing it with my Ayon Sigma DAC.


Also I'd like to know what is the possibility to have Tidal/Spotify streaming directly from Gieseler DAC? Would that be part of the future plan?

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