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Do you think a microline stylus can help IGD on a groove-damaged record?

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Based on what I am hearing this morning, I think it can.


To explain, I keep an automatic turntable connected to my main system, for playing records when I am up and about the house and don't want to race back to lift the stylus at the end.  Being full auto - it is also easy to pop the record on and just press a button to play it.     I have a nice old Shure M95ED on it, so, just a plain elliptical stylus.  After the little thread about guilty listening pleasures, I am playing my Herb Alpert records this rainy morning. 


But I am hearing inner groove distortion.  I unplugged the turntable and put it on the bench and reset the alignment to Stevenson to bias the zero null where the IGD is bad.   However, it's still there.    They are well played secondhand records, and definitely have some groove damage.  Playing these records on my main turntable with an AT VM95ML  (microline) stylus, they sound a lot better.  Maybe not perfect, but Herb Alpert is not an ideal type of music to listen for IGD with. :)


So,  I think I am going to have to spring for a  better stylus for my automatic table.  It's a Yamaha P-17.    I could just get another AT VM95ML, but I am going to look around first.  What's the cheapest?  Probably the AT?

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2 minutes ago, MattyW said:

Depends on the cart that did the damage.  If a conical or elliptical that rides higher in the grooves then any line contact will help.  If the damage was caused by a misaligned line contact then you're out of luck.


That's good logical reasoning.  I agree.  These records would be from the days of crystal/ceramic carts and conical styluses.


I did another experiment and put a 0.6 mil conical (AT91BL) on the Yamaha.  I think it sounded better than the elliptical, but nowhere near the microline.  So, yes, it would sit marginally deeper in the grooves, so that's why the small improvement.



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