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Driver tube recommendation

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Hi guys,


Looking for tube advise for my Sun 2A3 amp. I found that changing the driver tubes in my Weston Topaz to Full Music tubes added some sparkle and air around instruments.

I purchased the Sun from a fellow SNA member and have just started listening as my new music room is just about finished, we moved house so I had to start from scratch. The amp sounds beautiful with the Tung Sol driver tubes (6SN7GT) so I thought I’d upgrade the driver tubes and see if I get the same improvement as I did with the Topaz.

After a fair bit of reading there a few tubes mentioned that offer good improvement but most guys report problems (tubes going noisy) after a short time. Is this a common problem or is it just that when people are happy they don’t say anything?

So…. Tube recommendations?????


Cheers Dave

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Some NOS tubes can be noisy, depends on the tubes, two good NOS varieties of 6sn7 are the RCA 5692 red base (especially the black plate) and the Russian MELZ hole plate 6N8S, both are expensive. Edit: when I say good, I am talking about the sonic signature.


They both sound very good but different to one another.



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