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FOUND: WTB: Network Streamer / Music renderer


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Item: Network Streamer / Music renderer
Price Range: 2-3k
Item Condition: New or Used
Extra Info: Looking for a music renderer / network streamer for my digital collection (all in flac and WAV formats)

I have an external DAC, so looking for one without a DAC


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An important consideration is the functionality of the app used to control the streamer. There are some great sounding streamers out there but they have a terrible user interface.

You might want to consider what source you are using. e.g Your own CDs ripped to FLAC  or Tidal, Roon etc. No point spending money on something you will never use.

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2 hours ago, rockeater said:

I have Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6v2 and CXNv1

I am deciding now which one to keep and which to sell.

Would you be interested in any of them and if so, what would be your preference?



Thanks, will have a read..


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