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Custom Acrylic Turntable Dust Covers?

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Hi all, 

There were some older threads asking the above question, but rather than try revive them I thought it may be worth posting a fresh thread.

Any recommendations for having a custom acrylic dust cover made, ideally in Melbourne?

Any advice is much appreciated,

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23 minutes ago, Mr Thorens said:

eBay seller joannemcng did mine as a custom job. Expert job well packed for shipping and well priced. 

Thanks for the input Chris, I've just had a look at their eBay page and it's pretty much exactly what I'm after.

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I used these guys in Melb.  Great job.....


A few considerations:


-make sure you have cutouts for cables.  Leave some wriggle room in case you change to some crazy thick cables.


- holes for “grab handles” on each side are really handy


- I had a “base plate” made in black acrylic.  They routed out a rebate so that the lid just clunks perfectly into place.  Well worth it!


- having it sit on the turntable’s plinth saves bulk, and the need for some cutouts for cables, but can lead to damage to the plinth over time.  Sitting on the “ground” adds bulk, but keeps plinth from damage.










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