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PMC Twenty 23 Speaker

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Item: PMC Twenty. 23 (Black)
Location: Sydney (2127)
Price: 2400
Item Condition: Very good condition. No scratch or dents.  
Reason for selling: Upgraded recently to PMC Twenty5  24
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


What Hifi Award winner speaker. Best floorstander £1500+, Awards 2013.

It is a balance sounding compact speaker. 

This needs to be heard to appreciate the PMC sound. 

Great for vocals, classic and smooth jazz , instrumental , classical music. 

For local pickup only. 

Have the original box and manual.


Review from what hifi


Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.







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1 hour ago, needlerunner said:

I've found them to be great with Rock/Prog too.

Please let us PMC speaker lovers, how your new speakers fair over the old ones (perhaps on the PMC thread). Though I seem to have lost touch with that thread since we lost the StereoNet App.


I found the new PMC Twenty5 24 has more tighter bass and bigger soundstage. I dont find the use of a sub necessary.  PMC Twenty 23  is very ideal for small room but a sub like the REL T7i would help.  I love both. I want to keep the 23 but my wifey wont allow me. ? 

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Keep them as your rear surround speakers! That’s what I plan on doing with my pair if I do upgrade in the PMC route. ?


Please let us know in the PMC owner’s thread your comparison between Twenty23 vs 5.24.  I am in a small/medium room, and am always pondering if I should upgrade to 5.26 or 5.23.

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