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Howdy Folks

I have a strong desire to record my vinyl albums in an easy way. I dont want to disassemble my RP 10 from my primary stereo system and link it up to my PC. Instead I was hoping to buy a new TT that can record and operate as a second TT for my study. I have in my study Axis Voicebox-S Bookshelf Speakers, a Bryston 4B3 amp and a Tron preamp with a Cary CD player and an old Eumig Tuner. I mostly listen to my Astell & Kern and the Tuner. Most of the music on my portable music player are CD's I've ripped. So I was looking for a TT with a dual function. Firstly to rip my vinyl simply, and secondly when working in my study listen to Albums. I note there is a PRO-JECT DEBUT CARBON RECORDMASTER HIRES TT that may suit this function. I have no experience of it. Anybody out there in Stereonet land that has any feedback on this recording TT and /or my approach and alternatives would be much appreciated.

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I have the Carbon Recordmaster Hires and am very happy with it.  It does what you outline.  

I am mainly digital and don't listen to a lot of vinyl direct - so mainly use it for ripping, and every now and then to listen to an album.  It makes that very easy.  Flexible in its connections and sounds as I would expect a $1k Pro-Ject turntable to - which is pretty good.

Note its analogue output is line level and it has a level adjustment on board to adjust that, and digital signal out level.

 I did consider separates as I have had before but I am also into simplification!  When I looked it was the best of the available turntables with pre-amp and A/D built in and I think it still fits that bill.  It is quite a small footprint as well.

Its only quirk is that if you use its analogue input to digital output (which I do for the good old cassette deck) you need the platter turning for the A/D to be available.



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On 10/02/2020 at 11:43 AM, arthurp said:

Appreciate the options guys. Ill check out both.

@arthurp, what decision did you come to? I have just ordered the RECORDMASTER for myself, as an upgrade to my AT-LP120-USB - the cueing lever has gone in it. May be fixable, but wanted a new TT.

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