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FS: Price Drop: Custom Rega Turntable, Audiomods Arm

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Item: Custom Rega Style Turntable, AudioMods Tonearm, IsoDrive PSU
Location: Tasmania
Price: $3300 Price Drop $2850 inc shipping Australia Wide, can do a little less if you can collect in person to save packing and freight.
Item Condition: Excellent, Used
Reason for selling: New Project/Custom Build
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


This is a complete custom build from the ground up based on a Rega P series design. Raw cost of materials and items was over $6000.


  • Plynth milled from single block of billet alloy on CNC router (around 15kg) Finished in red automotive paint Followed same dimmensions as a Rega P3 plynth.
  • 5x Maglev feet (tried with 3, 4 and 5 configurations and 5 was the best)
  • IsoKinetic IsoDrive Power Supply with 33/45 speed selection
  • IsoKinetic 25mm Acrylic Platter
  • IsoKinetic IsoSub Groovetracer Machined Subplatter
  • IsoKinetic Phosphor Bronze Bearing Sleeve
  • IsoKinetic Ruby Bearing + Spindle Oil (lifetime supply left in bottle)
  • IsoKinetic Puck/Stabiliser
  • IsoKinetic Red Thing Silicone Belt + Spare New One in Packet
  • IsoKinetic MTB-D Motor Thrust Bearing + Motor Isolation Mod for Premotec Motor
  • Premotec 50hz Synchronous Motor
  • Audiomods Series 4 Tonearm with Series 5 bearing, lift and arm hold. Full VTA Adjustment - no VTA adjuster.  All original weights and headshell weights/spacers included to adjust to any cart.
  • Custom Acrylic Dust Cover to accomodate arm height
  • No cart included, but I did have an Ortofon MC25e on it and it was stunning.


*I have covered the hole bottom left corner where a power button would have gone if I didnt use the external motor PSU and controller with a samurai silver coin from WA mint. So the turntable is dubbed "The Samurai"


For interstate buyers, it will be professionally crated and foam lined for shipping with tonearm back in original transport box. Shipping Australia wide with insurance included.


For those that want to know where to from here - my next build will be in the similar vein...but using the MK6 Audiomods tonearm for primary, 200mm monster delrin platter,  ceramic bearing sleeve, larger billet plynth with 2 armboards for future arm addition and external motor and controller.

Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.















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Price Drop
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Thanks - I don't usually sell my projects as there are far too many hours invested in them... I didnt expect to ever sell this one, but I really want a dual arm setup and dont really have space for 2 turntables where this one lives.


Paypal and Credit Card no issue if that helps.

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