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SOLD: FS: Custom made monitor speakers - high end seas drivers

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Item: Custom made monitor speakers - seas drivers
Location: Melbourne (Kew East)
Price: $1250
Item Condition: Cosmetics - VG+, Sound/Mechanical - Excellent.
Reason for selling: Lack of space in my listening room - too many speakers. 
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal
Extra Info: I bought these from a SNA member a few years back when I went to listen to a pair of proac speakers he was selling.  I asked for a listen to these out of curiosity and immediately wanted them. They are very dynamic and full sounding for a two way of their size.  They have respectable bass, as well as great PRAT, air and imaging.  They're not the most neutral speaker in the world, but they are very musical.  


These are among, if not the best conventional two way speakers I've heard. I'll be sad to see them go.  I'm not aware of their impedance/sensitivity characteristics (probably 6 or 8 ohm nominal I'd imagine) but they can be driven easily by relatively low powered valves (~20+ watts).  They can play loud if needed, so should work in medium-large rooms fairly well.  Looking at the back, the cabinets and drivers look to have been put together by 'Southern Cross Acoustics'.  Crossovers are externally mounted in the box visible at the back and are high quality (massive air core inductor, etc), the binding posts accept spade, banana or wire inputs.  Fabric speaker grills also included.  These compete with speakers that retail for $5k+.


At the asking price, these represent great value - the drives alone would cost more I'd imagine (the tweeters in these are among the best made). 


Auditions are welcome and encouraged for interested buyers.  I don't have packing boxes for these,unfortunately, so I won't ship them.











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These would be an excellent buy for someone. The drivers are high end.

And l imagine they would sound fantastic. I'm absolutely gob smacked by the craftmanship and the colour is stupendous. If l was in the market for speakers, l would grab these in a heartbeat. Silly money for a great speaker.

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