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DAC Connectivity Issues

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I own an Ayon CD5s that I have used successfully with a Mac pro to stream Spotify and Tidal.

After an operating system version upgrade the USB feed started to produce gibberish.

The sound was “chopped” and unintelligible - despite the fact that the Mac pro correctly identified the Ayon CD5s as an output device.

No amount of fiddling with bit rates and bit depth improved the situation.

A test with a Windows 10 PC has proven the Ayon DAC is working fine - and a very fine DAC it is.


Has anyone had similar issues with Apple computers with USB streaming?

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12 minutes ago, BATMAQN said:

Was this going from Mojave to Catalina when it went to 64bit?

No this was a much earlier OS change - currently running OSX 10.13.6 High Sierra.

My macs are older models and locked out of future OS upgrades.

I am about to try my iPad with a camera connection kit to provide a USB connectivity to see if this works.

All very strange!

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I'm pretty sure the older Mac Pro computers had an optical out, via the headphone socket if you plug an optical cable into it. Could be interesting to see if this works with your CD5s, assuming it has an optical input.



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