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Item: Triangle Antal Speakers (France)
Location: Sydney
Price: $950 FREE POSTAGE!
Item Condition: Very Good

Reason for selling: Not needed
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


Beautiful pair of Triangle speakers made in France.


I have compared these speakers to jamo concerts / Martin Logan's /monitor audio gold. These speakers somehow stand their own ground and sound better than all the above (just my opinion)


These have amazing soundstage and separation of vocals and instruments.

Bass is firm and solid,that means there is no unwanted boomy bass at all.

Treble and mids are smooth and zero harsh. Very comfortable to listen at any output level. Saying that these have high sensitivity meaning less power required to drive them.


Condition is very good for their age (all drivers work flawlessly) however it's missing the Grills unfortunately. This reflects the original price which was around $2500 US ( not including postage costs) These speakers have 4.9 rating reviews make sure u check it out.

Below is One of the many great reviews


very fast, very articulate, decent timbre and accurate instrument tone reproduction. But the most prized quality of these speakers is theri ability to convey the live performance and all the sudden spikes of sounds that come to your ear just like at the live venue when first cord or first voice note is taken. I have heard a lot of much more expensive speakers and only Wilson Audio Sophia and Devore Gibbon can match and exceed the existing realism of these Triangles."


I can pack this extremely well using professional grade bubble wrap and cardboard. At least 10 layers bubble wrap / double layer of heavy duty cardboard / cling wrap and straps. Better packing than original so it arrives safe!!
Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.





























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1 hour ago, psychometrics1 said:

I have owned a few pairs of Triangle speakers including this model. Very under-rated brand and quite high efficiency speakers. GLWTS

All the ratings I’ve seen have been outstanding, and as an owner of 3 pairs I agree... Lesser known, but not underrated.


Blend Focal and Dyn and you have Triangle.

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