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Marantz NR1710 slimline alternatives?

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I have been researching NR1710 and it looks good for most part in its price range. Unfortunately the 50W power per channel in 2 channel mode output is a tad low. I am trying to find good alternatives that have more power.

I do like Marantz sound signature. I like their stereo amp signature and the AV signature. Any other brand alternatives would need to be neutral or warm. I find something like Cambridge Audio Amp signature too cold, and don't enjoy listening to it.


I have limited shelf space (the height is approximately 15.5cm, plus 2cm inside the shelf. There is a lip that makes the opening about 15.5cm) so I need a slimline amplifier. There are 2 shelves so it would be possible to have a pre and amp combo.

What alternatives do I have in either all-in-one AV receiver, or in pre and amp combo to get more than 50W per channel? Any one unit needs to be shorter than ~12.5cm. 


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1 hour ago, hopefullguy said:

is this for Ht duties? running 7 channels? mod the cabinet as lucky to be getting 20w out of 7 channels

Primary purpose is HT but reasonable stereo for CDs would be good. Only needs to be 5.1 . 

No can do with modding or changing the cabinet for the next year at least.

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Slimline models are designed to look good and slim but severely compromises on the power.  With a power consumption of 250W across 7 channels at 60% (being generous here!) efficiency makes it just over 20W per channel. (and is the same for 5.1 setup).


And often, people forget to allow sufficient space for air circulation, reducing life and reliability of the unit.


Since you cannot mod the cabinet, suggest putting a normal sized AVR on the top.  

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