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FS: Sonos Wyred4Sound Connect

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Item: Sonos Connect Wyred4Sound modification model
Location: Sydney
Price: $600
Item Condition: Excellent 
Reason for selling: NLR
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


For sale in my Sonos Connect with Wyred4Sound modification. This dramatically improves the sound quality. These units had a RRP of $1,399. This unit is classified as a “modern product” by Sonos (see photo) ie, is not a “legacy product”. 

I used this with a Isotek power cable and a Wireworld Supanova 7 cable into a Qutest DAC for very impressive results. You can check the reviews by John Darko both on the modded unit and power cable upgrade etc.


If you know what the Wyred4Sound Remedy is, this model essentially has the Remedy built in. I used the Remedy with LPS with a standard connect and this model simplified my set up. The Remedy itself sells for over $500 and has been well reviewed.

Comes with original box, power cable, 2x white RCA cables (never used). 


From the Deep Hertz Audio website:


“The SONOS Connect is a fabulous product. Massive amounts of time have spent on design and It has one of the best interfaces around. It's obvious of the efforts put into the functionality of the unit, and not so much into the audio quality. This is where we come in! This is indeed a product worthy of a Wyred 4 Sound modification. We can transform this great product into a killer sonic bargain. Why? Because it's built well, has many bells, but no whistles. We will make up for the last 20% that makes the product a joy to listen to.


This upgrade entirely replaces the mediocre Cirrius Logic CODAC and the associated high jitter clocks. The mod was designed to integrate the SONOS system into a high end audio system through an outboard Digital to Analog Converter. This new custom board is installed in the SONOS and directly converts the I²S into up-sampled SPDIF. This new ultra clean low jitter signal is now available through both the Coax and Optical digital outputs. The SPDIF output's sample rate can be factory configured to 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96kHz.

The sonic benefits are quite dramatic. An entire level of low level grunge (harsh) is removed from the sound. This improves the low level detail and imaging. The bass is now much tighter and controlled inner detail and transient attack are both greatly improved. It is important to note that the modification does not allow the SONOS to play high resolution files. It does greatly improve the sonic quality of the digital outputs. The upgraded SONOS Connect in our system streaming lossless ripped CD's over our 100Mbps network, is now a true high-end source. 


·        High-end sample rate converter made by TI

·        Low jitter clock with less than .5ps jitter

·        Low noise power supply for the clock and SR

·        Micro processor controller

·        Input & output digital buffers”

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