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Something blown marantz or speakers

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Marantz sr6007

quad 22L2

velodyne f1500r


Hi everyone

i have crackling mid bass driver on my quad 22L2s on both sides tweeters and bass drivers sound fine, 


it started yesterday I was in shower playing music at medium level, 

my 2yr old turned the knob on marantz to M-XPort not sure how long it was like that but my other 2 kids said speakers are making a weird throbbing humming noise  came out shower after 2mins speakers were pumping in and out throbbing noise from the static from the unused channel slight (electrical burning smell also)


anyone have any ideas what may have happened/ what should I take in for repairs amp / speakers OR both 




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You are in such an enviable position.


You realise you can now buy a new amp and speakers, and if the wifey complains you can just blame it on the kids.


I am now formulating a strategy to do the same.

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