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Looking for a new Bluetooth receiver

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Hi all, 


I am currently in the market for a new Bluetooth receiver. I was using a mass fidelity relay utilising the digital coaxial output into my wadia digimaster x32 DAC. 


The mass fidelity sounded fantastic through the DAC but also stand alone directly into the amplifier.


There seems to be a lot of options out there but not a lot with the coaxial output (my DAC does not support toslink) is there any recommendations ? 


I'm not looking to spend a lot of money as I use a lot of media & only stream occasionally. J also want to avoid streamers as I don't run a wifi network at home 



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Hi I have an Auris  Blue me  which is great but no   coaxial 


IFI Zen Blue  receiver   has coaxial and optical   not sure if it comes with one of there low noise power supplys  would think  it would ??  


Makes a big difference  to a crappy noisy wall wart 

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