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FS: Hawthorne Augie Bass Drivers (BRAND NEW)

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Item: Pair -  Hawthorne Audio Bass Drivers (15")
Location: Kingaroy
Price: $700 + Postage
Item Condition: Brand New
Reason for selling: Change of Plans, 2nd pair is surplus
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:


I was building a pair originally with a pair of Agues and 1 coaxial driver, I have since found some AMT Drivers, which replace only the tweeter component of the coaxial, which means fitting all 4 drivers will result in the speakers being 6ft + which is a bit gargantuan. (Read. Not Approved By Management). 


I'd planned on just keeping them as spares, but it's unlikely (hopefully) that they'll ever fail, and the money could be better spent on other materials for the build if someone can make use of these.


Darrell Hawthorne still has about 3 pairs left for sale (last I checked anyway) but is selling them for $235 USD each and it will cost you $224USD to get here which totals $1029.56 at the moment. (I Paid around $950 I think as the exchange rate was a tad better months ago, but not by much).


Not negotiable on price as this is already a 25% hit on what I paid. If nobody shows interest at this price I'll just put them in storage incase I ever need them. 

These are the best open baffle bass drivers you'll find, with heavier cast frames than the rest of the Eminence range that Pure Audio Project use (Or did use when I looked into them at least)



Packed away currently so really only have this photo, but if anyone needs to see more to make purchase I can always get them out again..



Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.


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Forgot to mention, I would be open to a trade for:

Quality Class A/AB Amps to drive the bass section (150W+ thinking plate amps)

Nice MC Phono Cartridge 

Matched Quad 300B Tubes (Anything but JJ's, already have 2 sets)

Or Nice Turntable (LP12/Oracle Delphi etc) (Part trade obviously, we could work something fair out)

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