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FOUND: Darkvoice 336SE or Little Dot MK3 Tube Amp


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Price Range: Somewhat under new price
Item Condition: New or Used
Extra Info:


As per title.


I'm in Brisbane, so most would need to post as well.


Just want to dabble with a tube amp, maybe.



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I've a Darkvoice 336SE which I'm not really using if you want it.  I'll want to take the Meltz 6H8C hole plate preamp tube off it though.  They're rare and valuable.  I think I've a spare Shugang Black Treasure can go on there along with the NOS Amperex 6AS7GT I have on it m lovely sounding unit.


I'm located in Virginia on the inner north side of Brissie. Happy for you to drop in Sunday if you wanted to try before you buy? 


I guess I could do $250?

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