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LXmini+2 amp help

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Hi there, 


I’m looking at doing an LXmini+2 build and am looking for amp recommendations. I have a budget of around $1500. I have been considering the Emotiva basx-700 or 3 of these: 

I will be using it with a minidsp 4x10 and some form of pre-amp.


Any recommendations or thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Make sure to opimise the gain structure if you're going to use a preamp with something like the MiniDSP 4x10.   They don't like low signals on the input, as the SNR from the ADC will not be great.


IMVHO... Just skip the preamp.    Unless you need to use it for analogue signal switching.... in which case, just use one as a signal switcher, and use the volume knob on the 4x10.



As for cheap class D amps.   Just make sure you're not asking anywhere near full power from them.... as the distortion gets ugly towards full output.   Otherwise, they'll be fine.

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