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Open back headphones


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Item: Open back headphones
Price Range: up to $200
Item Condition: New or Used
Extra Info: Im seeking a comfortable, set of open back headphones to use while I work at my computer doing CAD drafting. I'm open to various brands as long as they have a nice clear, open sound and are comfortable wearing for longer periods. I will use the with an audioquest black dac/amp connected to my phone, Cayin N3 DAP or a MacBook.





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2 hours ago, Zodiac-12 said:

You Should try @ ATA shop there's is a Focal Listen Model also it's on special as well?

If I’m looking at the ones I think you mean. They are closed headphones and I’m keen to try open headphones

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I've some made in Austria AKG K712 Pro headphones at work with upgraded ear pads. Fenestrated sheepskin. It had a noticeable improvement in sound.  They're at work though I could easily bring them home as I'm not really using them.

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