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FS: Grace F9 - Microridge tip, boron cantilever with tie wire - Stanley Engineering Cocobolo body

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Item: Grace F9 - Microridge tip, boron cantilever with tie wire - Stanley Engineering Cocobolo body + generic Technics headshell
Location: Brisbane
Price: $700 sent Express Post
Item Condition: Outstanding
Reason for selling: Saving for a new phono stage
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal
Extra Info:


This is my favorite MM cart that I had mounted on my second turntable. Unfortunately I never use this table though it sounds absolutely fantastic.


The Grace F9 has been place in a Cocobolo wood Stanley Engineering body which helps cut down on body resonances and allows firmer affixing to the headshell. The stylus has been retipped by Needlestein (aka Josef Long) in the US with a boron cantilever with tie wire and microridge tip. This cartridge shares most of what I loved about the Supex SD900 Super (shibata retip) in terms of tone with superior detail and speed.


A truly wonderful cartridge up with the best LOMC's I've run. The best sounding Grace F9 I've had the pleasure of owning.











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Price drop
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Easily the best sounding F9 I've ever heard..... Best sounding MM I've heard non stop  ;)


I've an order in for an Abbas Audio RIAA Tube Preamp out of the Ukraine. They're building a DAC2.2ES TDA1541 first,  then this. :D


Same circuit (and engineer) as the SW1X gear. ;)

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The ART9 is more detailed though not as musical or refined. The Grace is a little more polite sounding.  I believe paired with my Valab LCR-1 Mk2 phono stage the Grace is the better cart, though once my new Abbas phono stage arrives it may be the ART9 that sounds better. As is the Grace is the more enjoyable cart. 


Still,  I have to pay for the Abbas somehow so I'm selling off gear.

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