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FS: Fidelity Research FR-1 Mk3F

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Item: Fidelity Research FR-1 Mk3F (highly sought after F version)
Location: Brisbane
Price: $800 (sent Express Post)
Item Condition: Near perfect aesthetically, has been retipped by Garrott Bros with their top of the line FGS cantilever and FG-S tip. Not even an hours use since the retip (I have my AT ART9 mounted). It was mounted only long enough to know everything was right after the retip.


The Mk3F is near impossible to come by so you're not likely to see another listed any time soon. It took me years to track this one down. Here's your chance at one of the best sounding vintage low output moving coils ever made.
Reason for selling: Ordered a new phono stage
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal
Extra Info:


This is the rare Mk3F version of the FR-1 Mk3 which designates the rising frequency response of the cartridge is fixed so it's flat vs the original Mk3.  On eBay even the regular Mk3 is now listed for over $1000 so I think $800 is fair enough for the improved Mk3F


Headshell not included 

















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Price drop for quick sale (I've already bought the phono stage)
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