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Purchase LInn LP12 get half-price upgrade

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I'm very excited to announce that HeyNow Hi-Fi is involved in the new Linn promotion. 

Put simply purchase any Linn LP12 turntable at the Majik level RRP $5,695 and you can purchase an upgrade for half price. 

Upgrades include a

Trampolin  spring loaded base board $339. you get it for $169.50

Kore sub-chassis which increases the rigidity of the armboard and removes unwanted damping $1,495. yours for $749.50

Linn Akito Tone arm - with accurate static tracking and precision bearings make your music sound better $3,195. upgrade for $1,597.50

There is also a Krystal MC cartridge and of course the power supply and speed switch Lingo4.


HeyNow Hi-Fi can help you with all Linn products, enquiries ,upgrades and repairs.

We have many years of experience with the whole product line up including Turntables, music streamers, DSMs, ExaKT systems and sound optimisation. 

We have Linn Products set up here in the HeyNow purpose built apartment to show you how it sounds and behaves in a real home environment.

Give Geoff a call or send  message to book your listening session or to discuss Linn. 


Linn- sales - advice - installation - repairs - upgrades. 







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Hi all, 

I thought this offer was too good to pass up and decided to make the most of it. This is my newly purchased LP12 for my showroom. It’s in walnut which most closely matches my decor 
I chose to upgrade the Tone arm to an Akito as I felt that it would be the best value upgrade at this time.and also showed me the greatest discount. In the future The order I would choose would be a Lingo 4 power supply to reduce noise and improve performance as well as giving me a speed select button. Then I would upgrade the cartridge.. My LP12 has been assembled and balanced by one of the best installers in the country is on permanent demonstration in my St Kilda showroom. Now is a great time to come and listen to it as this offer is too good to miss. 
if you’ve never heard a correctly set up Linn Lp12 please make a time to check it out.  


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