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Replacing an older Denon AVP

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I have a Denon AVP A1HDCl surround sound processor and matching power amp (the latter of which I definitely want to keep - I currently bi-amp the front three speakers, left, right, centre). ).  This has been an excellent combination, particularly on the hifi audio side, but the AVP doesn't play well with the newer audio formats associated with 4k TV, except via TosLink, which is limited compared to HDMI 2.0.  

Denon don't seem to be making AVPs anymore and therefore I'm looking at other brands that do make AVPs. My concern is integrating anything different with the Denon PowerAmp (a 10 x 150wRMS/channel beast) from brands such as Marantz, Anthem, Yamaha or similar.


Does anyone have any suggestions/ experience as to which AVP brand might integrate well with the Denon PowerAmp AND have keep the quality of the hifi audio while processing the newer audio formats (Dolby Atmos etc) required for 4K movies?

And as an aside, is there a market for the AVP for those who like high-end audio?



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Hi D am a former avp-a1hdci owner. Something I owned for many years and revived many updates etc. eg 3D audyssey and like ... however moved on from it when decided to go atmos. abilities to pass 4k and such.


no 1 suggestion is marantz av processors. Marantz and Denon are cousins ...While d&m stopped doing flagship processors in denon they stared doing and having been doing some years really good processors in marantz. I went the av8802a this is circa 2015-16 and Will do all that is needed for tech today, it’s a quite high quality unit, if can’t afford that 2nd hand look marantz 7 series av processors ...


and yes there is a market for the Denon but given can’t pass 4k or do .3D audio don’t expect much ...

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Sounds quite sensible, thank you. I am wary of going very high end again given the speed at which the new formats are changing although I've had very good service from the current set-up.


We almost need an even more modular system structure where the processing side is compact, reasonably priced, and replaceable.  A box that focuses on audio and video processing only and has all of the switching in another component. 


Thanks again. I'll look out for a recent model AVP in the classifieds.  



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