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SOLD: FS: Yamaha RX-V3085 (RX-A3080 equivalent)

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Item: RX-V3085
Location: Sydney
Price: $1650 (bought for $2000 two months ago)
Item Condition: excellent. Only set it up and never seen a full movie. FULL AU WARRANTY (minus two months). Receipt provided!
Reason for selling: I bought too much gear! This is surplus to my setup. 
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:

This has the same guts as the RX-A3080 and the exact same features as the 5200 processor. Great amp stage too! 

Truly amazing sound. Yamaha made a huge leap forward in clarity over the earlier models. 64bit YPAO and the new DACs made a large difference. 



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It's a shame this unit like all the newer Yamahas (and most other AVRs) doesn't have multi channel analogue inputs. Otherwise I would have been all over this like a rash. 


Good luck  with the sale. Hopefully someone here will buy it, as you'd want to try avoid dealing with the tightwards who check out Scumtree. 

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The only reason to use multi-channel input would be to use it as an amp but I would not use analogue for high-resolution audio for two reasons:

1. they don’t invest into AD converters as much as they do in DA converters especially in multi-channel amps so really you’re just degrading the sound.

2. the new yamahas have 64bit room correction enabling high-resolution correction and really great clarity of sound. 

this unit sounds amazing but this is the story:

I hooked it up in my studio where my current 3020 is running Yamaha studio monitors and the clarity of sound is just really amazing. HOWEVER, this unit was meant for the main home cinema. Unfortunately, after doing measurements, the room and my THX select 2 laid back bloody speakers are interacting in a way that the Yamaha’s clarity is lost on those speakers and the room.

I had two options:

1. Upgrade my speakers which I have no money to do right now. I’m not moving my white woofer studio monitors to the home cinema. That’s out of the question!

2. Use an old unit with XT32 and correct the hell out of them. Well, this worked and I’m sticking with this. Even tho it doesn’t provide the clarity of the Yamaha and I lost CinemaDSP which I’ll miss. 

I’ll get another Yamaha once I upgraded my speakers in the home cinema in a few years. For now, this is the compromise.


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2 hours ago, Chironick said:

Very tempting great piece of kit form what I understand how does it compare to the 2085 does anyone know?


Yes it is a great piece of kit as you say. The RX-V3085 is the cheaper version of the AVENTAGE RX-A3080, but essential the same. See this for a comparison of features and tech between the RX-V3085 the RX-A3080:




I own a RX-A3080 and I'm very happy with it. ?

1 hour ago, hopefullguy said:

well no comparison actually.. the 2085 is 2nd from the top of the V series and gets a lousy 7 preouts so it no better than a mid level avr.

Here is a comparison of features & tech between the RX-V3085 & RX-V2085. See:




Again also consider that the RX-V3085 is the cheaper version of the AVENTAGE RX-A3080, but essential the same as outlined above.


The firmware is the same for the RX-A1080/RX-V1085/RX-A2080/RX-V2085/RX-A3080/RX-V3085 range of Yamaha models. See:




Firmware update Doco here:




You can setup a Yamaha Receiver such as the RX-V3085 using the excellent Yamaha app for Apple IOS or Android, which provides full control of all features etc.


You can also setup a Yamaha Receiver such as the RX-V3085 using the web page access.  You simply use the settings button on the remote to find your receiver's IP address. You can then access the setup via a web browser with the following URL:


IP Address/Setup/index.html


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34 minutes ago, Chironick said:

Any other really benefit say over a 2085?


The really important difference will be the difference in the DAC's between the two.


RX-V3085: ESS SABRE PRO Premier DAC™ES9026PRO (for main 7 channels)


RX-V2085: ESS SABRE Premier DAC ES9007S x 2


Also where are you going to get a RX-V2085 for the price of this RX-V3085 at $1550?


Best price I can find a new RX-V2085 for is $1899. Unless you're talking about a Refurb unit from Excel HiFi which will only have 12 months warranty. This RX-V3085 comes with 2 Years warranty, was purchase 2 months ago according to seller, so you get 22 months warranty instead of 12 months on Refurb.


Anyway it is your call and your money.


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sorry but agree.. very bizarre thinking, paying more for a lower level unit especially as i posted the 2085 gets 7 pre outs and "9 is enough for me" but as always do your own research.


i dont use yamaha but $ for $ hard to beat 2nd hand or refurbished.

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1 hour ago, j19801110 said:

Sold pending payment! I’ll close thread once it goes through. I’m sorry that some of you messaging me missed out. If sale falls through I’ll let you know in order of PMs. Cheers!

Sorry to those of you who missed out. Congrats to the lucking person who got this RX-V3085.



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