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Silver or better RCA leads for mono blocks -


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Item: rca leads 1 metre or so 
Price Range:500
Item Condition: used
Extra Info: Looking for a high end pair of rca cables to run between my pre amp and mono blocks as new ones are not balanced, I have 3 or 4 sets of balanced leads I could swap as well which I will list this week


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I have some solid silver RCAs that are spare.


I'm on holiday at the moment but here is a photo that I have found on my laptop - I can't recall the provenance, but I purchased them here a few years ago when I had the need for RCAs, but have now got Balanced amps.


Happy to swap for Balanced, speaker cables, or cash - I think they cost me about $300 - you can have them for $220, or swap for something that I may use?




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