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Item: PS Audio Power Plant Premier AC Regenerator and Power Centre plus 5 Power Leads
Location: Melbourne
Price: $1450
Item Condition: Excellent
Reason for selling: Selling for a friend who is quitting high end audiophilia
Payment Method: Cash, Bank Transfer or Paypal
Extra Info: 1500 watt high efficiency power regenerator with 5 individually isolated pairs of outlets to minimise interference between component types, remote or manual switching, DC triggers, highly sophisticated relay surge and spike protection including CATV & phone, front panel display of voltage in/out, mode and THD operated by remote handset or the front panel. This model incorporates 2 important remote-selectable conditioning options: "MultiWave" (an alternative to the AC sinewave with a waveform that allegedly enables components' power supplies to work more efficiently) and "CleanWave" (power equivalent of a variable frequency signal degaussing device, i.e. component demagnetiser). 


This model created a stir when released, as illustrated by the Robert Deutsch Stereophile review, courtesy of several innovative features: dramatically more efficient operation resulting from its patented "tracking power supply" amp design, allowing the unit to handle much more current without being too large or running too hot; new magnetic technology based on wound inductors built from strips of  highly permeable "Nano Crystalline", with a minimal amount of copper wire for more effective filtering which preserves micro and macro dynamics; protection against moderate surges that last longer and can be more damaging, not just brief high voltage spikes; the ability to measurably reduce THD and magnetisation. All these features, plus its subjective performance in audio systems as hailed by reviewers, made it the world's most popular high end conditioner when released.

This unit designed for our local mains at a nominal 230V comes complete with remote, manual and potentially enough high end leads for a whole system.


Power leads included are the following:

8ft Audience powerChord with Wattgate IEC and AUS 3-pin plug to connect the power plant to the mains

4ft Audience                                                "                            gold-plated US Marinco plug to connect a component to the power plant

3ft Audience                                                "                                                                             "

2ft Audience                                                "                                                                             "

3ft Heavy Duty  No Brand with IEC and US mains plug                                                                                 "


Despite finding a favourable 6 Moons review of Audience powerChords it's hard to establish an exact value for these cables, but I'm guessing they would have been worth at least $1500 new.

As the power plant must be worth over $1K on its own, I believe the asking price for the lot is a bargain for the astute buyer.


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