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PMC mb-2 SE

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4 hours ago, todagt said:

Has he considered Bryston?

I preferred what the Michi’s did. Bryston are nice but the Michi’s gave more for my taste for a better price. 

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3 hours ago, Bunno77 said:

I don't know the AR 125 but the Ref 150 SE wasn't enough to make them shine in my opinion. Depending on which Levinson that would be my pick

Sorry ..he was looking at the Mark Levinson No.531H mono amp

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I get wonderful results with my Arye Acoustics MX-R mono blocks. 


Other amps that I tried along the way to here are;


Bryston 7B SST mono blocks - good for rock and roll but lacked the finesse I sought 


Musical Fidelity M7-700's - Jesus , these things were something like 1400w @4ohm. Only amps I ever tried that had enough power to make my MB2's squeak. Nice pair and well priced. Had the demo with the matching pre amp. Again great for rock , dance, hip hop and metal. John Lee Hooker was OMG good. But lacked the finesse I also craved


Audio Research Ref 150 - wonderful amp but not enough grunt.  I did not try the Ref 250's as my bank account at the time would have collapsed under the weight.


Ayre Acoustics VX5 - Lovely bloody amp with the matching pre (KX5) but i wanted more power. That is how I ended up with the Ayre MX-R's, they do it all in spades. I ran the KX5/VX5 for a year or two until I found monos.


Note: After the MF mono block demo I got over bring home serious kit to trial, there were others I wanted to try. The MF bundle was 90kg for all 3 units and lugging that up and down 3 flights of stairs killed me


Hope this helps







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Amp selection is a very personal thing, we all have different priorities.  As a long time owner of MB2ses, I can say they will reveal differences between different amps with brutal honesty.


I’ve heard a few different amps on my system so I can comment fairly broadly:

1. That 12” bass driver needs serious control and power to get the best out of it.  The Hypex nc1200 MolaMola amps do the best of any amp I’ve heard.

2. Tube amps have many good qualities, but the impedance variations across the frequency range In MB2ses make life pretty rough for anything using output transformers to match impedence.
3. Class A/B amps need power and finesse to sound good.  The MB2ses will reveal any mid-range hardness present in weaker designs.  To get the best from a linear amplifier on these speakers you need high class A bias and usually a bloody big toroidal tranny in the power supply.  Think Pass Labs, Vitus, Gryphon.  The draw backs from these designs are size, heat, and power consumption.

My ears are sensitive to distortion, so my choice has been the MolaMola amps.  The trade off for me has been the need for very careful analog cable selection to get the best out of the amps.  If cost, heat, size and power consumption are not an issue, the Pass Labs XA200.8 monos are sublime.


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